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Cape Cod Residential Solar  - OR -  Cape Cod Commercial and Non Profit Solar and Energy Efficiancy

Our Way:

Our Value Proposition:

  •   Falmouth Solar has is roots in the construction trades. With over 20 years experience on Cape Cod and the islands as Cape Carpentry, we have networked with top plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and architects. Our experienced trade professionals have learned to work with our building departments, we understand project management, time-lines, budgets, and we handle customer expectations well.

  •   Your renewable energy project is a construction project, so who better to work with than a local, respected, construction company which is established, and will be here for you tomorrow?

  •   Formally educated, the founder of the company, Paul Sutton, completed all three of the year-long technical certificate programs from Cape Cod Community College. Mr Sutton earned certificates in Small Wind Turbine Technology, Solar Thermal Technology, and Photovoltaic Technology. He graduated with honors, and received the Dan Wolf Renwable Energy Scholarship.

  •   Before starting Falmouth Solar Mr. Sutton worked for a few small local Cape Cod installers and a large NY solar company. Taking the best of their best practices, and improving and streamlining other practices, has given us a competitive edge in terms of quality of installation, and efficiency in the project life-cycle.

  •   A strategic partnership alignment allows Falmouth Solar to provide commercial customers with zero money down solar lease agreements (PPA’s) which can reduce electrical utility cost by 50% in many cases. Leasing often makes sense for these larger solar electric projects over 30 kW in size.

  •   In keeping with high-integrity and full-disclosure, Falmouth Solar does not recommend leases for residential photovoltaic projects! The greatest net financial benefit will be for the homeowner to own the system and not grant ownership to a third-party.

  •   If needed, we can assist with terrific FHA home inprovement loans for up to $25,000 from Admirals Bank with rates starting under 5%, or zero-interest HEAT loans for solar heating and hot water.

  •   We can help you schedule your free energy audit, and go over the benefits of 75% to 100% of the covered labor and materials costs for insulation, air sealing, CFL light bulbs, and other energy efficiency improvements. So, often the recommended improvements are also free if you are income-eligible.

  •   Falmouth Solar will complete all paperwork required for all applicable rebates and incentives. We will guide you through both state and federal tax benefits, and recommend a broker (or SREC Aggregator) for your very valuable Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC's).

  •   We will make going solar EASY for you!

  •   Our overhead, and cost to do business is extremely low since our marketing, sales, design, and installation departments are all in-house. This allows the customer to enjoy a much faster return on their investment.

  •   Going solar is MORE AFFORDABLE than you may think!

  •   Just keep an open mind to the many benefits solar provides.

  •   We will provide a FREE solar site analysis, design, and also provide the financial forecasting for your project, and with no pressure or obligation.

  •   You'll see... going solar just makes sense today more than ever!


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    Paul J. Sutton  |  Certified R.E. Technologist  |  508.388.9299  |  paul@falmouthsolar.com