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Cape Cod Residential Solar  - OR -  Cape Cod Commercial and Non Profit Solar and Energy Efficiancy

About Us:

Paul Sutton

Paul J Sutton - Founder and President
email: paul@falmouthsolar.com

Paul has made the natural transition from Cape Carpentry to Falmouth Solar. This has been a journey of time, skills, and interests dating back to the early 1980's. He literally worked his way up from concrete foundation work, to framing, then into nearly every aspect of residential and commercial construction. For twenty years his previous successful Falmouth-based company, Cape Carpentry, served the Cape and Islands with the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction. Specializing in fine finish carpentry, kitchen and bath remodeling, and building additions, the company grew. This company would provide relivant trade experience working with our local town building officials, and utilized a variety of trade professionals who would later help jump-start Falmouth Solar. Before the launch of Falmouth Solar, Paul went to night-school to study renewable energy while gleaning valuable field experience for many years working on hundreds of solar electric, solar hot water, and small wind projects, in different capacities, and for a variety of local solar installers. Since each of those companies had their strengths and weaknesses, Paul's vision was to streamline the solar process with a team of trusted, specialized, trade professionals to capitalize on each individuals strengths. Our roots are in the construction business, and providing heroic excellence to our clients is to be expected. There's no fat here. This is a lean, mean, solar installation team!

• Cape Cod Community College (CCCC): Photovoltaic Technology: Phi Theta Kappa
• CCCC: Solar Thermal Technology: Phi Theta Kappa
• CCCC: Small Wind Turbine Technology: Phi Theta Kappa

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Briana Hill Briana Hill - Office Manager
email: briana@falmouthsolar.com

Briana has a strong background in customer service and sales. As a former real estate agent, I have learned how to work with people in a professional and personable way. I transitioned into Solar because I have a passion for making this planet a better more efficient place, using our natural resources. I am a member of Salt Pond Bird Sanctuaries, protected land here on our beautiful Cape Cod. I have a passion for people and working with people. My organization skills, along with my attention to detail set me up to make sure that I am doing my best job for my clients and customers. I care about my town and the people who make it what it is.

• Falmouth High School Grad

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Chris Root Christopher D Root - Design Engineer
email: chris@falmouthsolar.com

We are happy to have Chris to turn to for solar design work. He has designed everything from Converse sneakers in North Reading, MA to work on new vessel designs in Dubai, UAE. Chris is great with 2D sketching, and 3D CAD modeling with advanced software such as Solidworks, Rhino 3D and form_Z. He created the 3D animations for the 2013 Documentary TWA Flight 800, and has designed an amazing Titanic / Alvin submarine exhibit for WHOI. But don't get the wrong idea about Chris; true, he's also designed for Onset Computer, and Boston's Amaze Design, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty either. Pictured to the left is Chris working on a Habitat for Humanity home in Falmouth.

• North Carolina State University: Master of Industrial Design (MID)
• Bard College: B.A. in Political Science

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NABCEP Solar Certification Steven J Hopwood - Lead Solar Installer
email: steve@falmouthsolar.com

Like every member of the Falmouth Solar team, Steve brings the experience and background you'd expect. He's completed over 100 home building and remodeling projects over his 20+ years working for himself and for his family's real estate and rental property business. He holds both a builder's license, and is a licensed home improvement contractor. Steve is also both a talented and certified Solar Installer. You may first meet Steve when he comes out to your site to do a solar site survey. He will do the shading analysis, inspect the rafters, and sketch out the roof and site. If necessary, Steve may also coordinate an engineer's stamp (PE stamp) or go over any structural, roofing, or tree work recommended for the optimal performance of your new solar system. In his free time he likes camping, riding the bike trails, and photography. Although Steve is awesome at multi-tasking, we've suggested that his pictures might be a little better if he stops his bike first, then takes the pictures.

• Heat Springs Institute: Solar PV Installation Certification
• Mass Construction Supervisor License: #CS-105359
• Mass Home Improvement License: #HIC-169093

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Josh's Solar Project Joshua M Kearns - Lead Construction Supervisor
email: josh@falmouthsolar.com

Josh is one of those guys you like and respect for his dedication to his craft. He's been in the construction trades since childhood (is that legal?) with many immediate and extended families having had construction companies. We call him in for structural load calculations, design assistance, permitting guidance, retrofitting roof systems, and ground-mounted renewable energy systems. Falmouth Solar is happy to have Josh as our Lead Construction Supervisor while we share him from instructing at Massasoit Community College where he is an Adjunct Faculty instructing the Mass Construction Supervisor License Course, of course. Josh has worked for his own company - Kearns Construction for many years, had also been a carpenter and construction supervisor in many high-end projects in the South Shore Boston area, and was a member of the Mass Carpenters Union. It's not all work though, he's home every night to beloved wife and kids, when he's not on missions to some place like the Hurricane Katrina victims. I told you you'd like him. Pictured is Josh's and family's PV system they are happy with.

• Westfield State College: B.A. Special Education • OSHA 10hr
• Mass Construction Supervisor License: #CS-80038 • RREPA lead cert.
• Mass Home Improvement License: #HIC-174122 • HILTI / Ramset licenses

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John Hurtuk John Hurtuk - Roofing and Solar Installation Assistant
email: john@falmouthsolar.com

John is one of those guys who's not afraid of hard work. He's done some painting and landscaping, but also was a commercial fisherman for over five years. Have you seen "Deadliest Catch"? That's similar to a day of work on a a Georgia's Bank dragger, and both Paul and Chris have also had the pleasure of character building in these formidable conditions. So to John, a day of roofing or solar panel and racking installation on the roof is a breeze - compared to fishing! This is John in action on our office roof in Waquoit, MA.

• Mass GED
• School of Hard Knocks: Georgia's Banks

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Peter Moore Peter Moore - Plumbing and Heating
email: peter@falmouthsolar.com

With 32 years experience in the plumbing and gas fitting industry Peter is just as professional as he is a fun 'ol Irishman to be around. He first did some evacuated-tube solar hot water installation in Ireland in fact. He installs tankless water heaters such as Rinnai and Navien. High efficiency gas hot water boilers, and the conversions from oil or electric systems are no problem either. The really interesting stuff are the co-generation systems such as heat pumps integrated into electric hot water heaters that both air condition and dehumidify a damp Cape Cod space by using the air as a source for heat. Peter helps with the solar domestic hot water installs, solar pool and spa systems, and even ground-source heat projects. However, solar hot water flat panels with radiant floor heat may be the most inexpensive to operate and responsible way for space heating, so Falmouth Solar sure appreciates Peter's experience in these areas too.

• Mass Plumbing License: #26099 • E.P.A.
• Mass Gas Fitting License • National Grid / NSTAR Approved Contractor
• Fuel Oil License • Service Magic Approved Service Provider

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Russel Haden Russel Haden - Electrician
email: russ@falmouthsolar.com

Russ Haden may be the most experienced solar electrician on the Cape. He even helped with the 5 kW barn solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation at Paul's (Falmouth Solar's founder's) place in 2008. We're thrilled to have Russ aboard since he has worked on solar projects for other installers, and learned lots of practical solutions to challenging installations over the years. Russ has been rubbing elbows with local electrical inspectors for quite a while too - you do the math; he entered the trade in '72 working in electrical supply stores, was an apprentice from '78 to '83 and in 1983 became a licensed electrician and began operating his own business in the Mid-Cape area. He's also up on the new 2014 NEC electrical code changes, and their effects on solar installations. Russ is experienced and trained with Generac standby generators, but also is installing the new SMA inverters which will run appliances off your PV system in a power outage - and without the drudgery of battery storage. Here Russ is too busy installing a high-quality Soladeck DC pass-through for a garage PV array on a Falmouth Solar job, and can't stop for the camera. You go Russ!

• Mass Journeyman Electricians License: #36613E

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Paul J Sutton - Founder and President

Christopher D Root - Design Enginer

Briana Hill - Office Manager

Steven J Hopwood - Lead Solar Installer

Joshua M Kearns - Lead Construction Supervisor

John Hurtuk - Roofing and Solar Installation Assistant

Peter Moore - Plumbing and Heating

Russel Haden - Electrician
Paul J. Sutton  |  Certified R.E. Technologist  |  508.388.9299  |  paul@falmouthsolar.com