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Cape Cod Residential Solar  - OR -  Cape Cod Commercial and Non Profit Solar and Energy Efficiancy

Q.1  I was in the home center, and they offered me a Solar Lease. Is that a Good Deal?
By owning solar you are usually in a better position right away with cash flow, net worth, and at every point in the future. With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you may see a small reduction in your electric bills (at first), but in almost ALL of our local residential and business situations you are MUCH better off financially by owning - even if with zero cash down. And it's easier to qualify for a low-interest solar loan than a PPA. It's usually best to stay away from solar leasing for most small to medium-sized projects!

Q.2  What is my Best choice for a local Solar Installer?
  • Local business with excellent customer service.
  • Background in solar, and the construction trades.
  • Installs quality SolarWorld (USA) PV Modules.
  • Factory trained SolarEdge DC Optimizer installer.
  • String Inverters like Selectria made here in MA.
  • MicroInverters – also for 1 or 2-phase commercial.
  • Able to customize any design to suit your needs.
  • No “fancy pants” high-pressure sales. It's win-win.
  • Offering UNBEATABLE VALUE / fastest customer ROI.

  • Q.3  How can I quickly and easily get Answers about the Benefits of Solar at my location?
    In an easy two step process:
    1) We conduct a short Solar Site Survey to evaluate your goals, measure the site, check the sun / shade, and look at the electrical system.
    2) A few days later we sit down over coffee to discuss some solutions, and show you specifically how all the benefits would stack up for you.

    We'll handle everything for you, so call or email TODAY or click here and set up your FREE Solar Site Survey!


    (June 17, 2015)
    Just in: Congratulations Falmouth Solar:the only Cape and Islands solar installation company to make the

    Solar Power World's Top Installer List!

    (March 2014)
    Thanks for your patience as we update the website. See: About Us for the latest on some players "with game"!

    Paul J. Sutton  |  Certified R.E. Technologist  |  508.360.9299  |  paul@falmouthsolar.com